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Coloured Bull Terrier Club Open show
1st Nov, 2008

I thank the committee of the CBTC for inviting me to judge their open show and for their warm hospitality; I’d also like to commend them on having the initiative to put on mini classes in the lunch break, what a wonderful idea, along with the Romany Trophy it made for a long yet very enjoyable day. My thanks also goes to the exhibitors, I was impressed with the overall quality & presentation of the exhibits, temperaments were great & overall construction seems to be on the up with very few bad shoulder & toplines. Mouths on the whole were also very good.

V (3.2) 1st Ley’s Corneline Corna At Fortifer, 8y bri/wh, short back, sound construction, correct mouth, head lacks profile, well presented & handled. BB (4.3) 1st Dodd’s & Harper’s Marshelsea Moonmaiden At Olympusbuly, 3y soild red, super head with fill & turn, incorrect mouth, good bone, front & feet, moved well, carrying to much weight. PD (5.2) 1st Brown’s Meridianview Monkey Boy, showy, typy bri/wh, wicked eye & expression, correct mouth, would like more width of muzzle, otherwise pleasing head, good reach of neck, straight front, tight feet, short backed BP. 2nd Mellor’s Licorice Calhoun At Credetta, Tri different type to 1st, good profile, correct mouth, eye a little bold, lovely straight front with well tucked elbows, feet a little untidy, showed well. 3rd Roderick Warnerdales Eat My Shorts JD (10.1) Smashing class, first 4 dogs of high quality 1st Aherne’s Conreniam Dark Magician, stunning tri, super powerful head with profile, width and depth, correct mouth, super expression, good front & bone, beautiful reach of neck, correct shoulder, short back, correct tail placement, well bent stifles, moved parallel with drive, smashing dog who I have no doubt will go all the way BOB & BIS 2nd Hall’s Cwmdulais Cyberman, bri/wh, well turned & filled head, correct mouth, good eye, ears a little soft, straight front, correct shoulder, short back, moved well, another one to watch RBD 3rd Ley’s Fortifer Flammetta. MD (7.3) 1st Brown’s Padhen Chilli Pepper At Krawen typy bri/wh, head has adequate turn, would like a little more fill, excellent expression, straight front & tidy feet, short back, good shoulder, well bent stifle 2nd Crosby’s Olympusbulys Apollo, large red/wh, seen in last class, adequate profile, correct bite, untidy front & feet 3rd Tebbatt’s Above Duplicatus ND (14.5) 1st Blair’s Megaville Food For Thought, powerful bri/wh, powerful head, would like more profile, straight front, good shoulder & hind quarters, moved well both ways 2nd Hughes Kenmillix Dark Myth, upstanding blk/bri/wh, well turned & filled head with good mouth, good front, excellent feet, short back, weak hind quarters, appeared lame 3rd Ley’s Fortifer Fallen Forsetti At Kilacabar PGD (6.2) 1st Quinn’s Padhen Abraham of Lincoln, smart tri, good front & feet, enough bone, would like more power in head, soundly made throughout 2nd Brown’s Padhen Chilli Pepper At Krawen 3rd Bond’s Romagna Romeo LD (2.0) 1st Mead’s Zankol Memphis Moonlight, powerful blk/bri/wh, long, strong head, would like more profile, loads of bone, good feet, well made, moved well both ways 2nd Blair’s Megavilles Sardonicus, bri/wh, head with good profile & enough fill, correct mouth, good front, well made body, lost out on overall power & maturity OD (10.7) 1st Griffiths Keltic Prince, tri of lovely type, pleasing head with good fill, correct mouth, short backed, good shoulder & hind quarters, moved very well both ways. 2nd Keating’s Merlindan Xanadu, r/wh with long, strong head, great expression, correct mouth, short back, good tail placement, untidy feet. Best red dog 3rd Hutchinson’s NED CH Bryonteez Romeo Rhyder PB (4.3) 1st Salas’s Warnerdales Anamaniac At Harrowhill, pretty bri/wh, feminine head, correct mouth, well made throughout, would like more bone & tidier feet, moved well both ways. JB. (5.3) 1st Tebbatt’s Romulus Castellanus, solid red, soundly made with strong head, good front & feet, moved very well both ways 2nd Noone’s Alto Uncinus, very similar to 1 but not the bone or power of head, I later discovered they were sisters, like her sister she’s soundly made & moved well, just a little more delicate throughout MB (6.3) O’Neils Merseybulls Ruby Tuesday, flashy r/wh, pleasing head, correct mouth, good front, adequate bone, short back, moved well once settled. 2nd Tebbatt’s Romulus Castellanus 3rd Noone’s Alto Uncinus NB (8.3) 1st Johnson & Hallan’s Conrenian Vampire Circus, beautiful br/wh, very strong well filled & turned head, straight front with super bone & feet, good shoulder & hind quarters, moved well both ways, very unfortunate mouth fault, best bri bitch 2nd Tebbatt’s Romulus Castellanus 3rd Hill’s Arcanum Kontinental Blend PGB (5.2) 1st Romagna Parisienne Walkway, another beautiful br/wh, strong filled & turned head, mouth off, good shoulder, short back, showed well 2nd Stones Yungwood Sweet Blackberry, flashy blk/bri, pleasing head but not the power of 1, lovely short back, moved & showed well 3rd Favill’s Padhen Pandoras Box At Krawen LB (8.3) 1ST Sewards Padhen Precious Pearl, r/wh which I’ve admired from ringside & didn’t disappoint up close, beautiful feminine head, excellent expression, good mouth, straight front, adequate bone, good topline, moved well both ways BB 2nd Hollindrakes Bilboen Naughty But Nice At Bulian, well known r/wh, lovely turn of head, expression spoilt by bold eye, good bone & substance, super front & bend of stifle, didn’t like her tail placement, moved parallel & with drive, well handled 3rd Hill’s Arcanum Kaviar OB (8.3) 1st Youngs Bullyview She’s Got The Look, Very flashy, upstanding blk/bri/wh, beautifully turned head with enough fill, good mouth, would like a smaller eye, loved her super straight front & short back, well bent stifles, lost her topline a little on the move but moved well both ways RBB 2nd Brailsford’s Benjip Black Majic At Kearby, good quality blk/br/wh, feminine yet powerful head, short back, good shoulder, moved well, only showed in flashes but looked a picture when she did 3rd Tebbatt’s Romulus.

My BOB then competed with the miniature BOB for BIS Thornley’ s Warbonnet Reet Petite, delightful little bri/wh, well under the measure, powerful head with good profile, correct mouth, tidy front & feet, well shown & presented, a pleasure to go over. My co judge Mr Blackley and I were in complete agreement that the Standard should ultimately win BIS for his superior movement.

Judge Joy Pilkington       


Miniature Bull Terriers

 First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to the Club and Committee, for inviting me to Judge the Miniature Bull Terriers at this well run Show the hospitality was excellent, and a big thanks to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge their dog’s, this is important experience for me.

  I’m not a mouth fault Judge and will overlook small dentition faults, in outstanding dogs, but the breed standard calls for a scissor bite, and I feel if serious dentition faults are overlooked, and dogs with these faults given top honours, eventually they become the norm, and that isn’t good for the breed is it, especially Terriers.

Best Dog :- Miss V Hearne, M Singleton & S Paterson’s – WARBONNET GALETIA

Res Best Dog :- Mrs D Vickers’ – DUVESSA RED CLOUD

Best Puppy Dog :- Mr D & Mrs E Clark’s – GRANDOPERA CARBON NEUTRAL

Best Bitch :- Mrs E J Thornley’s – WARBONNET REET PETITE

Res Best Bitch :- Miss & Ms K &D & Ms S Wiles’ – ADDERSWOOD UYUYAN for ARCRAZY

Best Puppy Bitch :- Thirza Chapman’s – GRANDOPERA GLOBAL WARMING at DELEKTABUL

Best of Breed & Res B.I.S. :- Mrs E J Thornley’s – WARBONNET REET PETITE

Res Best of Breed :- Hearne, Singleton & Paterson’s – WARBONNET GALETIA

Best Puppy in Breed :- Mr D & Mrs E Clark’s – GRANDOPERA CARBON NEUTRAL

Junior Dog (5.1 absent)

1st Hearne, Singleton & Paterson’s – WARBONNET GALETIA

Strong red & white dog, excellent head with good eyes & ears showing a good expression, good big teeth, good balance overall, moved well with drive.


Brindle & white dog, good head shape, excellent quarters, moved ok.

3rd Thornley’s – WARBONNET JON BON

Open Dog (2.1 absent)

1st Vickers’ – DUVESSA RED CLOUD

Good looking red dog, good head shape, but not tight enough around scull, good balance, good shoulders & front, moved well.

Junior Bitch (3)


Beautiful brindle bitch, under the measure, excellent head, ears & eyes, showing a good expression, fitting the breed standard well, moved & showed well especially in the final challenge.


Nice young bitch, a bit immature in some departments, needs time to develop, which I think she will, excellent backend.

3rd Grimshaw’s – MOLLY DIXTURES

Open Bitch (5.1 absent)


Excellent black brindle bitch, very good well balanced bitch, especially in profile, movement excellent both ways, would prefer more bone.

2nd Gerard & Cox’s – IR CH DUVESSA RED RIVER

Good red & white bitch, good in head & body, well-angulated quarters, moved ok.

3rd Harrison’s – JENKIR JUNO

Judge – Bob Blackley