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The Coloured Bull Terrier Club Open & Trophy Show
Saturday, 6th November, 2010

Open Show Judge - Liz Brailsford (KEARBY BULL TERRIERS)

Judges report:

My thanks to the Committee for inviting me, and the exhibitors for entering. This year has been so difficult for entries but the CBTC got 70 dogs, making 89 entries, and as always some absentees but certainly enough present to make a good atmosphere show especially with the Romany Trophy judged at lunchtime by Elaine and Dominic Clark.

The Coloured Show with its diversity of awards to different colours is notoriously tricky so thank you to my stewards Stuart Martin, and Chris Wright, and Julie Musgrove as cup steward  who kept it all flowing.

There is a movement trophy at the end of the show and I was given cards to award movement qualifiers which I may have been rather frugal with, but I thought an excellent idea.

Special Veteran Dog/bitch (6 entered)

Sometimes think this ought to be a parade as so much variety in age from the winner

71/2 to the grandest dame at ll. All so joyous to be back in the limelight.

lst Quinn's Duch of Curdin (Cwmdulais Tarw Ddu x Prascilla Gem) very small, compact light brindle'w, moved well enough to gain a movement class award. Lovely eye and ear placement and good expression, also in good voice.

2nd Robert's Napier Texas Chilli (Ch.Caliber Saranova x Napier Jenny Wren. Red/w aged 9, well made chap in good hard condition, has good head with a superb dark eye. Moves close behind but he is 9.

Special Brood Bitch 4 entries

lst. Ley's Teddyts Fly so Free for Fortifier. 3yrs only one litter so tuck up was excellent. Almost solid black/brindle. Good head, with excellent eye with very feminine expression, and lovely neck. Good condition, and moved reasonably both ways.

2nd. Grant/Martin's Bullbrand Something New for Chardaice br/w (Ch.Biboen Latin Love x Clairs Love in the Mist. 3years and two litters so  little slack in the undercarriage. Good head, and eye and expression,  not so much drive on the move. Has good feet and good make and shape.

Puppy Dog 7 entries (2 abs)

lst Miss Williams Busells Red Knight Rising (Ch.Teirwgwyn Son of a Gun x Javarke DeadlyNightshade of Busell. Very smart solid, 7 month old at his first show. Very short backed, in perfect proportion. A little overawed by the microphone, but when he relaxed and pulled himself together he has the best dark eye, well set ear and well filled head, straight front, and the makings of "one to watch".

2nd Kettleborough's Bullysoul Hard to Handle (Ch.EmredHuntsman x Bullysoul Sunshine Girl). Well marked light brindle and white, 10 months. Much bigger framed dog who had super bone and and very good head with lovely broad muzzle through. Overawed as well so hard to handle quite apt. He moves freely and although close behind at the moment, he has potential too.

3rd Taila/Wyatt Blk br Chardaice Smooth Criminal at Etalimai deserves a mention. (Chardaice Loves me Tender x Bullbrand Something New for Chardice. ll months. Lovely head and excellent body carrying a bit of tummy. These puppies could and will probably change places as they gain confidence.

Junior Dog 2 entries (l abs)

lst Gill's Kenine Perfect Gentleman (Bullambi General George for Charycasx Just Chilling) Glossy Ebony Black tri, with excellent head, super eye and enough neck, carrying just right amount of weight. Lovely front and bone in plenty. Good quarters with lovely tail set. Moved well fore and aft and became RBD.

Maiden Dog 3 entries

lst HOllndrake's Bulian's Prospectors Delight (Activor Grand Finale for Bulian x  Sherrywells White Velvet at Bulian) Very smart, glossy black/br just 12 months old. Good head with nice profile and fill. Especially good eye. Possibly slightly carrying too much condition but moved well in front and close behind.

2nd Moore's Shaunalee Rebel Red (Joe Kid Lewis for Afanbul x Stacas make my day). 8 months red/white with one soft ear, and head not filled yet, good neck, and good size but need to mature and muscle up.

Novice Dog 4 entries (3 abs)    

lst Milner's Yungwood Back to Black blk/br (Ounsdale Buffalo Soldier x Yungwood Sweet Celebration) 2 yr old gleaming black coat. This is a good dog with excellent bone, and sufficient head, gentle expression, did what he had to without much enthusiasm, a big frame carrying a little too much weight and lack hind muscle. Cheered up after being judged and looked more alert.

Post Graduate Dog 4 entries (1 abs)

lst Fitzherbert-Stewart's Ounsdale Crash Bang Wallop (Bullyview Entertainment at Lydsyll x Ounsdale Bessie Bunter) beautifully marked brindle/white 2 yrs old. A cracking little dog with good head, underjaw a little narrow. Small eye and good alert expression. Neat ears. Showed to make the most of his virtues and despite a gay tail moved well enough.  Good feet.

2nd Musgrove's ILegend Lord of the Vikings (Megaville Sardonicus x Megaville Sweet Temptation) l8 months blk/br. Has a very good head, and eye. Would like to see him standing up and looking alert. Moved close behind and is rather soft in condition although the correct weight for his size.

Limit Dog 7 entries (4 abs)

lst Brown's Meridianview Monkey Boy (Jayston Makin Waves at Meridianview x Meridianview Drive me Wild. Just under 3 yrs. Beautifully marked brindle/white. Small compact dog, today just edging to slight overweight. He has a filled head, needs to be felt as has white under jaw to detract. Good bone for size. He really pulls himself up to make the most of his make and shape and moves well. Perfect tail set and good feet. B.Br.Dog

2nd Quinn's Padhen Abraham of Lincoln (Ch.Kalsar Sweet William x Bullysoul Angel Eyes) 3 yr old tri. This lovely dog pushed hard for lst with his excellent movement and wonderful feet. Rather gentle in profile,and kind in eye but extremely well made.

Open Dog 5 entries 5 entries 2 abs)

lst Howes and Sheppard  Ragnarok Balder at Polanca (Ch.Bilboen Prince of Darkness x Bilboen Magical Body at Ragnarok. 2 1/2, stunning well known red dog.

If this dog had correct dentition he would be a multi champion, and  probably not being still campaigned, thus many judges would be denied the opportunity to go over him. He has it all. Completely masculine, no hint of coarseness. A big dog in excellent condition. Super classical head, completely filled, good width and length of underjaw. Ears correct, eye dark and triangular. Lovely length of neck into good shoulder, top line good, quarters excellent. Wonderful bone, and a good straight front.

He was RBIS, BD, B.Red Dog, and although tiring (the Trophies were during the lunch break) took the Movement Trophy as well.

2nd Hawkins Keltic Prince (Bullyview of Many Moons x White lightening Girl) 5 year old tri with a lot of white on his head. Good head which needs to be felt and looked at both sides. Good eye. He is a big dog and I felt he was a little light for his frame. He has a straight front and good feet, quarters lack a little muscle.



Puppy Bitch 6 entries (2 abs)

lst Blairs' Isaba Ebony and Ivory at Megaville (Megaville Sardonicus x Ishaba Serenity) Perfectly named 9 month old blk'br/w - beautifully marked. Small, very feminine puppy with good profile, and fill and super eye and expression. Nice reach of neck, short backed, and already with good muscle. Really looks a picture standing and moved well. Handler and bitch in complete harmony with the pup looking up and alert it does make for a stand out.

2nd  Grant and Martin's Chardacie This is it. red/white (Chardaice Love Me Tender x Bullbrand Something New for Chardaice. Another smart feminine girl with lovely head, gorgeous eye and good ear placement. Well constructed and moved well. More lively to handle but her handler too had her looking up and enjoying her day.

Junior Bitch 3 entries (2 abs)

lst Moody's Kirkville Golden Eye at Odyom (Ch.Silver Bullet at Javarke x Emreds Devils Mist at Kirkville) l6months beautifully marked brindle and white in glossy condition. Good head, gentle eye, and nice ear placement. Nice neck into compact body, although slightly narrow at the front at the moment, and would have liked more drive on the move, but well trained and handled.

Maiden Bitch 2 entries (2 abs)

Novice Bitch 5 entries (3 abs)

lst Hollindrakes' Activior Final Sunset for Bulian (Ch.Silver Bullet the Joker x Cool Lady at Activior) 2 yr old fawn red/white well marked.Very good bitch with super profile, and small eye and pretty ears. Correct weight for her make and shape with good bend of stifle. Moved close behind but another that looks lovely standing.Best Red Bitch.

2nd Mr and Mrs Wrights' Bossjespruit Out of Rightstuff (Rightstuff by Storm x Bossjespruit Quick Step. Blk/br/w. Overweight which made her appear matronly and did not stride out on the move. Good head with nice profile, and small eye. Good amount of bone and nice feet


Post Grad. 2 entries (l abs)

lst Malden's Louka Lady in Red Sh.Cm. red/w 8 yrs old (Ch.Rightstuff Renegrade at Kilacabar x Shanson Black Shadow at Louka) Rather a pretty older lady whose muzzle is graying and is no longer in tip top condition. She shows like a bomb never taking her eyes off her handler. She does have a very feminine head and eye, she is small and a little light in bone, but carrying the right amount of weight.

Limit Bitch 5 entries (2 abs)

lst Martin & Hirst's Youngwood Sweet Enchantment at Santini (Ounsdale Buffalo Soldier x Yungwood Sweet Celebration) 2 yr old br/w. Dark brindle and white beautifully marked, and in excellent condition. She is a big strong bitch but completely feminine. Really good head with fill and underjaw. Good eye and expression. Correct ear set. Good length of neck leading to good shoulders. Really good spring of rib. Straight front. Right amount of bone.  Excellent quarters with good bend of stifle. Perfect tail set. Really covered the ground both ways. Went on to be BIS.BB. B.Br. Pushed hard for movement trophy. To top her owners' day Mr and Mrs Clark (Fourheaton/Grandopera) had awarded her the Romany Trophy (judged in the lunch break).

2nd Favill's Padhen Pandora's Box at Krawen (Ch.Kalsar Sweet William xBullysoul Angel Eyes) 3 1/2 beautifully marked brindle/white. A nicely made bitch whose gentle profile lacks a little in underjaw. In good condition, would have liked to see her up on her toes and driving.

Open Bitch 9 entries  (4 abs)

lst Lamberts' Ebullient Ebony Girl (Dark Thunder at Dazlin x Forest Flower at Ebullient)  2 1/2 yrs b/br/w. Tall elegant bitch with ultra feminine head and eye and expression. Quite tall, and length in keeping. Just enough weight, a little light in bone for her size, but good top line, and lovely reach of neck. Straight front and good mover. Called her back to challenge for RBIS where lighter bone let her down.

2nd Hills' Arcanum Kaviar (Ch.Silver Bullet the Joker at Javarke xArcanum Alchemilla) 3 yr old blk/br/w with imposing head giving a slightly masculine look. Excellent make and shape and super condition. Lovely straight front and good feet and moved well.

3. Morgans' Romagna Parisienne Walkway (Marshelsea Horatio x Ch.Romagna Memphis Belle. Lovely looking br/w rising 4, unlucky to meet first two when just not back in condition from maternity duty. 

Felt thoroughly satisfied as BB, BD, and BP took their trophies.