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The Coloured Bull Terrier Club Open & Trophy Show
Saturday, 3rd November, 2012

Open Show Judge - Eric Stanley (ARICON)


Special Veteran – Dog/Bitch

1st Yungwood Dark Moon Rising – Super condition for age 10 years old, very good head, short shapely body credit to owner.

Puppy Dog

1st Zaracle Zuperstition – Cobby type very good head eyes and ears, good bone, spoilt by very high tail set effecting his movement.

2nd Bradak Inkredibull General – Well balanced shapely pup requires time to mature.

Maiden Dog

1st Chardaice Dillinger – Very good type of dog, very good head, perfect teeth, very good front, excellent bone, short strong body, very good quarters and moved well. Excellent condition.

Novice Dog

1st Sunnys Enter Sandman – Quite a good head, lacking in body and condition. Movement poor.

Limit Dog

1st Padhen the Puzzler – Attractive outstanding dog, brindle and white, very good head, filled and turned excellent condition, good eyes and ears few teeth out of place, well balanced body, good neck, front short back and quarters. Moved only fair.

2nd BadlesMere Berties Brother – First class dog carrying too much weight which makes his head look small for his body, good head correct teeth. Good top line strong quarters, shoulders could be better.

Open Dog

1st Padham Hitman – Truly first class dog in superb condition, excellent filled turned head, correct teeth, good eyes and ears, long strong neck, superb shoulders and body shape, excellent top line, very good front and feet. I would like more power in his quarters. (Best of Breed)

2nd Jayston Yasmino’s Boy – Very good dog of correct type, very good head, perfect teeth, well balanced with good bone, sound quarters. Lacking weight today.


Puppy Bitch

1st Milly was my darling – Good all round type of bitch just lacking slightly on profile, good solid construction, good neck shoulders and quarters, showed well.

Junior Bitch

1st Japulca’s Secret Charm at Taylajay – Flashy Type, Very Attractive head, correct teeth, good length of neck, well balanced body, good front and quarters, lacking substance and condition.

Maiden Bitch

1st Milly was My Darling

Novice Bitch

1st Vetsbullies Happiness – Very good bitch in excellent condition. Good strong head, one canine in, very good quarters, could be shorter in back, shown very well.

2nd Simbaratahill Tell Tail Lass – Very well balanced bitch, very good head with length and turn, few teeth out of place, good feet front and quarters, lacking in bone and substance.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Nisremme Panda One Star at Serenbull – Good Filled turned head perfect teeth big in the eye, excellent neck, good body shape, very good top line and strong quarters, light in bone. Moved Close.

2nd Dikram’s Dream Legacy – Very good type, Powerful head with an ok profile, very good eyes and ears, correct teeth, good bone, strong quarters, not in the best of conditions.

Limit Bitch

1st Rightstuff Re Spek Ta Bull – Very attractive, many virtues, good head, good body shape, few teeth out of place.

Open Bitch

1st Fortifer’s Flammenta – Small red and white complete package, maximum head for her size, totally filled and turned, good ears. Few teeth out of place. Very good neck, excellent body shape, short back, best of hindquarters and the best mover in show.  (Best Opposite Sex)