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The Coloured Bull Terrier Club Show - 3rd May 2008

My thanks to the Coloured Bull Terrier Club for allowing me to judge at their show, it was a pleasure to go over so many lovely animals, I was spoilt for choice in many classes thanks to the wonderful entry.  The mouths with only three misplaced canines pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t hear a cross word all day, either from the dogs or the exhibitors.

Special Veteran (Dog or Bitch)

1st 6(3) Malden’s Shanson Black Shadow At Louka   Black brindle and white bitch, long strong head with pleasing profile, good eye and ears, she is undershot, good neck and fore chest, straight front and neat feet ,has good spring of rib, just a little long in body, nice hind leg with correct tail carriage, moved well in front a touch close behind, well handled.

2nd Ley’s  Corneline Corna At Fortifer Brindle and white bitch, 71/2 years old, pleasing head but not the power of one, correct mouth with nice large teeth, nice neck, rather long in body, good hind leg. Moved well in front and fairly close behind, well shown and presented.

3rd Burrows  Yungwood Classy Cleo

Special Brood Bitch

1st 6(3) Malden’s Shanson Black Shadow At Louka

2nd Ley’s  Fortifer Cast No Shadow,  head a little weak and lacks fill and turn, mouth good, good feet, moved fairly well but dipped in top line a little. Well shown and presented.

3rd Burrows  Yungwood Classy Cleo

Puppy Dog

1st 8(2) Blair’s  Megaville Sadonicus very striking brindle and white, lovely colour, powerful well made dog, 10 months old,  Long filled head with good turn and fill, correct mouth, good expression, neat ears, long neck and good front and spring of rib, really nice quarters, moved very well, just needs time, very promising, well handled and presented. BPD & BP.

2nd Ley’s Fortifer Fiammetta red and white, 11 months, completely different type to one, more terrier, sweeping profile, correct mouth, lovely eye, ears a little untidy at present, good front and well made body, feet rather flat, should improve given time, very well shown and presented.

3rd L’Homme’s  Brigand Brand Of Bridan

4th Welsby’s Firecracker Sparkle Lad of Sherrywells

Junior Dog

1st 5(1) Quinn’s  Phaden Abraham Of Lincoln Very nice Tri dog, long head with pleasing profile, good expression, correct mouth, neat ears, long neck, just a little long in body, straight front and nice quarters, nice tidy feet, well balanced, moved fairly well, very good hard condition, well shown. RBD

2nd Harris & Keal’s Yungwoog Mr Edd  Brindle and white, well filled head with nice gentle profile, good neck, good ears and expression, nice body, good quarters.

3rd Bond’s Romanga Romeo

4th  Ley’s Fortifer Fajra

Maiden Dog

1st 6(2) Ward’s Megaville Food For Thought  Brindle and white, Powerfully made dog, strong head with good eye, neat ears, mouth correct, would like a little more profile, good neck, straight front and good feet compact body, tail carried a bit high, moved fairly well.

2nd NcCall & Britton’s Brewing Up A Storm At Brumborder Smallish brindle and white, well made, good profile but lacks a little fill, good mouth with nice large teeth, neat ears and good eye, feet rather flat, reasonable movement.

3rd Wright’s Rightstuff Fire Storm

4th Malden’s Louka Out Of The Shadow

Novice Dog

1st 5(1)  Brigand Brand Of Briden Brindle and white, strong head with good fill, would like a touch more turn, tidy ears, correct mouth, neck could be longer, straight front and good feet, a touch long in the body, correct tail carriage, well shown and presented.

2nd Louka Out Of The Shadow  Black brindle and white, long well filled head, would like a touch more profile, good front and feet, nice spring of rib, a little long cast, well shown.

3rd Neilson & Bloomer’s  Bavazuela Eternal Flame

4th Taylor & Hawley’s  Ragnarok Sigurd

Post Graduate Dog

1st Harrison’s Kearby’s Rouge Cardinal  heavyweight solid red, does not make life easy for his handler, strong filled head with gentle profile, mouth level, good eye and ears, big ribcage,  turns his feet out a little, slightly long in body, good quarters .moves well when he tries.

2nd Hancock & Rafferty’s Bulacey’s Master Moondust  Red and white, smaller type than one, very pleasing head, lovely profile, well made and balanced, moved well, just short of a little bone, well presented and handled.

3rd Monaghan’s Kellouacy Funky Budda

4th Mead’s Zankol Memphis Moonlight

Limit Dog

1st 6 Hawkin’s Keltic Prince  very nice tri with lovely head, long, strong and filled, good eye and tidy ears, correct mouth, long neck and good feet, little short in the upper arm and his top line and front suffer on the move, very nice body and hind quarters, well shown and presented.

2nd Keating’s  Merlindan Xanadu  Red and white very nice well balanced dog, long well filled head with nice profile, good expression and neat ears, correct mouth, nice reach of neck, good front and top line, short back, moved well, well presented and shown.  Best mover.

3rd Foster’s Bilboen Quinqui Zaccary

4th Ley’s  Kelrev Gold At Fortifer

Open Dog

1st 5(4)  Ley’s Virtuous Brute Force By Fortifer Black brindle and white, strong well filled head with powerful muzzle, correct mouth, wicked expression, the neatest of ears, lovely reach of neck, straight front and good feet, good spring of rib, powerful quarters, moves better coming than going, well presented and shown. BIS.

Best Dog and Best in Show

Virtuous Brute Force By Fortifer

Reserve Best Dog

Padhen |Abraham Of Lincoln

Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy

Megaville Sadonicus

Puppy Bitch

1st Bloom’s  9(3) Abenaki Devil’s Thought  Lovely 11 month dark brindle and white who made life very difficult for her handler, just having fun, long filled head, lovely expression, good mouth, good reach of neck, lovely front, little long in the body, but nice strong quarters, neat feet, moved very well, well shown and presented. BPB

2nd  Haywood’s Glitzy Girl From Glowing Red. Red and white, rather more mature than one, 10 months old, good well filled head, not quite the profile of the winner, correct mouth, nice neck and front, good spring of rib, just a little long, tidy feet. Well shown.

3rd Wright’s Bossjespruit Out Of Rightstuff

4th Hallam’s & Johnson’s Conreniam Vampire Circus

Junior Bitch

1st 7(1)  Favill’s  Padhen Pandoras Box At Krawen Brindle and white, well made bitch with nice head and neat ears, good mouth, long neck and straight front with good feet, slightly long in back, but with a good hind leg, moved fairly well. Well shown and presented.

2nd Seward’s Padhen Precious Pearl  Richly coloured red and white, good strong head, nice expression, correct mouth, straight front, feet rather untidy, nice short back, moved well. Not quite the bone of one. Well shown and presented.

3rd Grant & Martin’s Bullbrand Something New For Chardaice

4th Young’s  Bullyview She’s The One

Maiden Bitch

1st 8(6) Padhen Pandoras Box At Krawen

2nd Moses  Yungwood Dance With Me At Chamos  Brindle and white, strongly built bitch, good profile with neat ears, nice expression, she does have a mouth fault.  Good spring of rib and good hind leg.

Novice Bitch

1st 9(1) Davies  Teirwgwyn Specially Maid For Tytarw Brindle and white with lovely head with plenty of fill and turn, neat ears and correct mouth, good eye and powerful muzzle, long neck with a straight front, short back and a good hind led, moved fairly well ,she does have a very high tail carriage which makes her look rather unbalanced, well shown and presented.

2nd Morgan’s Romanga Perisinne Walkway  Black brindle and white, strongly made bitch, nice profile but not the power in head of one, good mouth, turns her feet out a little, nice spring of rib, slightly long in back but has good quarters, very well presented and shown.

3rd Roff’s Bobuddy Dilema

4th Musgrove’s Japulca Brooklyn Queen

Post Graduate Bitch

1st 4(1) Potters Sensuelle Star Of Topfuel  Brindle and white bitch with stunning profile, with good turn and finish, but her head is rather narrow, neat ears, good expression, mouth level, lovely long neck,  good quarters, movement rather untidy, rather loose in coat today, well shown.

2nd Stones Yungwood Sweet Blackberry  Black brindle and white, absolutely gleaming coat, in very good condition, good head with fill and turn, good eye, unfortunately she does have a mouth fault, neat ears, straight front and good spring of rib, nice quarters, correct tail set, well shown and presented.

3rd Fletcher & Worthington’s Merlindan Wild Rose

Limit Bitch

1st 5(2) Brailsford’s  Benjip Black Magic At Kearby  Black brindle and white, good head with nice gentle profile, strong muzzle, neat ears, good neck and spring of rib, shapely body, just a bit upright in the shoulder so looses her top line a little on the move, strong quarters and correct tail. Good condition and well shown.  RBB

2nd Shanson Black Shadow At Louka

3rd Mathoooison’s  Bullyview Lady Madonna

Open Bitch

1st 4(2)Ley’s Fortifer Freyr Fenrir  Red and white, powerful head with fill and turn, well placed ears and keen eye, mouth just level, powerful muzzle, nice reach of neck and straight front, good spring of rib and correct tail carriage, feet a little open, moved well, well shown and presented  BB and RBIS

2nd Shanson Black Shadow At Louka

Best Bitch

Fortifer Freyr Fenrir

Reserve Best bitch

Benjip Black Magic At Kearby

Best Puppy Bitch

Abenki Devis Delight

Best In Show

Virtuous Brute Force By Fortifer


Fortifer Freyr Fenrir

Best Mover

Merlindan Xanadu

Dawn Godsall (Judge)